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In the data source name, you have to enter a connect identifier that can be one of the following naming methods. Oracle OID or Openldap can used, but are complicated to setup. OID is like a lookup index that contains connection strings for connecting to various databases. Also check the permission. In 11g locally, you must set this environment variable in the file bi-init. When you are using Oracle 9.

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By using 10gg site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I have heard that LDAP look up does not work with older instantclients.

The problem was with windows 7 permission issue.

Confirm using the phpinfo. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 (Linux)

To enable them you need to set oci8. If you are using PHP 4.

If you have the full Oracle client you have tnsping. In the password file, use the ‘SetEnvIf’ directive to enable the Environment variables by directory only or within oc specific file. Here is a simple PHP script: Depending on the character sets this may not give usable results. You must choose OCI. So even a manual connection string in the DB parameter will fail.


The installer should have configured Oracle Net and created a service name. The installation and configuration of Apache is not explained in detail here, see original documentation.

This Article is based on Linuxfor Solaris click lci. If you are using PHP 4. Of course, you will not notice it until there is accented character Tools linked with Instant Client are always “remote” from any database server and an Oracle Net connection identifier must be used along with a username and 1g0.

Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 for Linux

Software Components pci in this Article Software. The character set does not need to match the character set used by the database. Conversion also adds some time overhead. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: The latest PHP Release is 5.

HY Above error is related to cache storage. Disabling the Cache resulted in the error: Upgrade your Oracle client to a version that is The connection information is likely to be well known for established Oracle databases. Edit the apache configuation file httpd.



I started getting “ORA See Connection Handling for general information on connection management and connection pooling. The Easy Connect string for Oracle 10 g is of the form: The default port is It also is a sqlnet. This sets the upper time limit for establishing a connection right through to the DB, including the time for attempts to connect to other services.