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This would be the equivalent of starting with about 7. Table 2 shows a range of standard line cords that Agilent offers, with option numbers and part numbers. Specifications subject to change. AM, FM, phase modulation, pulse modulation, scan modulation and user-defined modulation make the Anritsu C series perfect for signal simulation. The low normal mode specification assures clean power for precision circuitry and the low common mode current provides isolation from power line current injection. Verify that the frequency and signal strength of your transmitter is accurate. The A has all the features of the A, and also provides relays for polarity reversal.

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The A microwave converter downconverts microwave signals to the frequency range of the A measuring receiver.

The dual-channel Fluke 52 has all the capabilities of the Fluke 51, plus additional measurement functions and high-performance features. Resolution is 1 kHz to 1 GHz. Each filter can accept up to 50 W continous, W peak RF energy.

Wireless communication and aerospace technology is getting increasingly complex. Odd, none, or even parity; 5- to 8-bit code levels; 1, 1. Labviea relay accessory models can be mounted on any one of three sides to a flat surface with the PEM fasteners provided.

Features Measurements from ?

The intersection of labviee primary control channel is engaged by the load and the respective limit channel does form a closed boundary, and a variable load automatically crosses over from the primary to the limit.

Lightwave analyzer RF interface kit. IT DC electronic loads provide you with the 681b to test a wide range of applications from power supply, charger to battery. Output voltage range V: A-2Aand Resistance 1 ohm to 10 Mohms. Propsim C2 incorporates three emulation interfaces? Probe and Cable kit with 20 ea.


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The problem is i have to write down each and every reading. The automated test system developed employs labview as the software platform for interfacing, communication, data acquisition and control between a personal computer and the test setup via the gpib bus and the usb lqbview serial ports. This instrument is particularly suitable for system testing, evaluation, and troubleshooting. Home support use keysight hp agilent gpib devices with ni software. The pop-up menus permit item selection at a glance, so even a novice can use the MPB immediately.

Make the connection as short as possible and use a wire size such that the total impedance from the dc common point to the dc ground point is not large compared with the impedance from the ground point to earth ground.

The ruggedized housing and optional high-capacity NiMH battery bring laboratory quality accuracy to field service applications.

It can measure RF and microwave signal power over a wide range of frequencies and levels in a variety of measurement modes. The RB is not only easy to use but also greatly improve the throughput of measuring instruments.


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All the tools you need for ac product testing D In addition to overcurrent, overvoltage, overpower and overtemperature protection, the series offers output disconnect relays and remote inhibit capability quickly disabling the output of the ac source via a TTL signal to protect the device under test.


Use the positive or negative dc distribution terminal as the dc common point. Voltage range from 10? Accurate level and frequency response calibration is easily done using a Br?

If it does differ significantly, the current limit control needs readjustment.

Digital display, waveforms sine, square, triangle, DC offset, trigger out, internal sweep, rise time typ. This rule is repeated from Step 7 above as a reminder because of the far greater number of possible paths to ground in a multiple power supply system.

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They can be used on their own for simple system power measurements, or with a light source for insertion lossmeasurements.

Boonton proudly announces a new RF Power Sensor that fulfills these requirements – the This HP Agilent A impedance probe kit is designed for use with the A, but can be used with other 4- Terminal Pair LCR meters and Impedance labvew as long as the ground lead of labvidw probe is not connected to the instrument’s ground terminal.

Other system features contributing to the one-box solution concept are internal voltage and current monitors and an internal transient generator with programmable amplitudes, frequency, duty cycle, and slew rate. Measures resistances up to 10 to the 16th power Ohms. This means that the labiew increases one volt for each one volt increase in the programming voltage signal.