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The GHU has excellent low input lag, about as good as it can get for a 60 Hz monitor. But there are adapters available that can be used to mount this. The low response time ensures reduced lag when viewing fast moving action scenes, while the contrast ratio provides deeper darks and brighter colors. The VGQE has a higher refresh rate that delivers a nearly instantaneous response time, and the backlight can introduce flicker to further reduce motion blur. The best setting is with OD ‘Off’, as ‘Normal’ and ‘Extreme’ introduce a lot of overshoot but don’t help the response time. Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, The stand is mediocre and has very few adjustments so it is hard to place it in an ideal viewing position.

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For people sensitive to flickering. The backlight lets users save energy and reduce energy costs. The stand is extremely basic, and has bad ergonomics. Tablets by David Katzmaier Nov 26, Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when the monitor is acsr an HDR signal at its native resolution and refresh rate.

Acer G257HU – LED monitor – 25″

Number of bits per pixel to represent a specific color. Black Level from Right.


I like dealing with companies who will swap a defective product by mail–you know, send you a replacement, you put the defective unit in the box and give it back to the mailman.

G527hu has decent motion handling, with a great response time and no flicker. Would be nice for some adjustments though. Scared me so much that I thought I was going to have to return the monitor, until I plugged my hdmi cable in and it worked fine.

As expected, it was also the great visual features that stood out in its G7 Series monitors. The luminance settings, often named ‘Brightness’ on monitors, usually range from 0 to Native Resolution 60 Hz.

View all 55 monitor reviews. I haven’t had any issues with these at all. This display has an environmentally friendly design that focuses on recyclability, low power consumption, and more. Color Shift from Above.

Acer G257HU Review: Ultra-Slim 1440p IPS Monitor

The foam secures it and the cables it comes with were wrapped hastily. The gamma curve does not follow our target at all, and most scenes are significantly darker than they should caer. The WQHD resolution is fantastic. There is 8 bit acre in all colors. Image retention measured after a recovery time of 10 minutes.


It has good viewing angles and good reflection handling, so you can easily share a video with multiple people. The thin bezel is also a nice touch.

GHU smidpx – Tech Specs | Monitors | Acer Canada

It can’t introduce flicker to reduce motion blur. Samsung EVO gb 2. Moreover, you can also tilt the screen up to 15 degrees for a better and more comfortable viewing. Coverage of the Rec. Having trouble deciding between two monitors? The Acer GHU is amazingly thin due to a modest bulge at the rear of the chassis. This monitor has a limited set of features. The Acer GHU offers vivid gg257hu and superb display acet without breaking your bank.

The lowest frequency covered by the monitor’s Variable Refresh Rate feature. Amount of color bleeding that appears across the screen vertically.

The monitor has also an integrated anti-glare technology for a more comfortable viewing.