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He sued me for libel, The Star ran a retraction and settled out of court, and we’ve been buddies ever since. Luyendyk’s Treadway Racing team protested the results about an hour after they were posted. Billy Boat 1 R. We got a lot just like it back in Texas. His father, Anthony Joseph Foyt, Sr. Eventually, Jones started laughing along with him.

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Foyt Has Might, but Luyendyk Is Right

But I come out pretty good. We got a lot just like it back in Texas.

USAC said it would allow protests to be filed through noon Thursday. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat aaj But Foyt started with relatively little. But Foyt punchees the avatar of a bygone age of rugged individualism, when the man behind the wheel was the hub of the racing universe and drivers with enough talent, guile, and guts could carry second-rate cars on their broad shoulders.

There was a pause. Hell, no other car was even in the same ZIP Code.

At fyt time, Foyt had never so much as sat in aa twin-turbo monster prone to wicked oversteer. Sixty-seven Indy-car wins, still a record. He was in victory circle collecting his trophy when Arie Luyendyk, another Indy winner, entered.

Foyt Has Might, but Luyendyk Is Right – latimes

But on the 50th anniversary of his epic win, Edsel, now 69, cajoled him into coming over to punchhes the new Ford GTs in action. Through it all, Foyt seems, fyot he nears his 81st birthday, a happy man—and fearless still, a force of nature.


Lawyers told me to sue for assault, but I retaliated with a column suggesting A. Finally, the driver had to cross the finish line to complete his qualifying attempt. After Lazier and Stewart had had a furious wheel-to-wheel duel, Luyendyk inexplicably dropped out of the top 10 in the electronic scoring system, which was not properly counting his laps and those of several other drivers, including Scott Goodyear.

1997 True Value 500

Deseret News Church News Subscribe. Even then, my dream was the Indy At 62, Foyt had no trouble dealing with Arie Luyendyk when he tried to crash the Saturday night party, declaring he had won the race. I was young and always worked in there with him. Busch Grand National driver Todd Bodine will be all smiles today at South Boston Speedway in Virginia, the site of his last victory a year ago this week.

He laughs at death One of the most stomach-churning motor racing crashes of all time came on May 15,during qualifying runs at Indianapolis.

FOR FOYT, IT’S AN OLD STORY – Hartford Courant

Track stewards decided that Luyendyk did in fact win the race, but Foyt refused to give up the trophy. The two of them were running midgets at Ascot Park, a grubby half-mile oval built on a dump site in South Central Los Angeles that was once the busiest short-track in the nation.


Along the way, he fought punchds, was nearly burned alive, and was once pronounced dead punchez a racecar.

And a trooper jumped on my back, so I throwed him down.

The Los Angeles Times recap: Arie Luyendykfresh off his Indy victory, became the first driver puncnes win two IRL races in a row, but it took almost a week to determine. Hell, I had to do it to eat. Parnelli Jones [another Indy legend], he seen me move in the car.

I did aand believe it or not, I didn’t hit a thing and only lost two positions. That was a hell of a birthday present. Fyt wasn’t as though he needed the help.

He said he was just being himself when he attacked Luyendyk. The more people I talk to about Foyt, the more stories I hear, and the more outlandish they become.