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But now enough of that because the flat eight cell lithium ion battery from Samsung 63 Wh provides for impressive runtimes. Infinity Ward’s atmospheric shooter can also be adjusted for weaker system with help from various setting options. Alienware is unexpectedly modest in regards to the processor and builds in an energy saving dual-core CPU, which normally only has a clock rate of 1. In return, you have more freedom of choice for the RAM and hard disk. Gaming Performance Alienware M11x. Also a display with a better luminosity, a fan that is more silent under load and especially a removable battery! The M11x doesn’t yet have the practical Optimus technology see the review about the Asus UL50VF , for example , which switches automatically between integrated and dedicated graphic card, depending on the application.

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Both models are very similar in terms of design and construction. But now enough of that because the flat eight cell lithium ion battery from Samsung 63 Wh provides for impressive runtimes. The M11x’s keyboard stays firm and doesn’t bend anywhere on its surface even under stronger pressure. Additionally, all runtimes were executed with an enabled integrated graphic unit, with exception of the load test.

It’s completed by a cardreader, alienward 34mm ExpressCard slot and Firewire. The sound is emitted over the front. Furthermore, the extensive lighting and the relatively lavish connectivity. They aren’t exactly one of the most efficient processors because of the low clock rate, though.


Merely the colors look vivid and natural to an extent. Except for a fourth USB 2. The small dimensions x x 33 mm hardly have an impact on workmanship and stability and thus, the M11x only 335j insignificantly behind its kind. What’s that hiding in the M17x? You can see a few impressions of the various illumination elements here: Intel Core 2 Duo SU 1.

A Core 2 Duo P 2.

Lefties likely won’t be as pleased about the crowded connection compilation on geofrce left, but there is actually enough place for cables due to the M11x’s small size. Review Alienware M11x Subnotebook. Thus, extreme reflections can already turn up indoors, which result in not being able to recognize anything on the display especially dark scenes in movies or games.

NVIDIA GeForce GT M – Tech

The biggest advantage is, however, the very long battery lifewhich easily manages several hours independent of the application field. Then points are reached in single-core rendering and in multi-core rendering.

Basically, the M11x is sitting on a fence. Thus, the subnotebook reaches a well playable The M11x can still boast with a relatively smooth game in medium details and a resolution of x with But you shouldn’t overdo it because otherwise unpleasant static noise and alienare generally unclean sound are emitted from the loudspeakers built-in on the front.

Overclock the NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M on M11x?

The M11x proves to always be very modest with the GMA But just in this regard, the M11x is disappointing with its The consumption in a deactivated state 0. The CPU also doesn’t give reason for reproach.


But, you’ll get along with it after an accommodation period. We can’t say much about the layout, since Alienware has sent us a prototype with an English keyboard layout.

Unfortunately, the fan turns up to a very audible Even under high load BatteryEater’s Classic test with maximum brightness and disabled energy savings options, the runtime sticks to the three hour mark with 2 hours and 59 minutes. But some edges are still quite harsh The alineware aren’t quiet but they are stable The Alienware logo is also the power button Nvida spacers for the display are on the wrist-rest The keys can be well seen even in the dark because of the white bezel The arrow keys have turned out very narrow Alienware has overclocked the Core 2 Duo SU to 1.

Finally, the viewing angle stability isn’t very convincing, either. Gamers might be accustomed to this nvieia level in a way, but the fan is far too present for a subnotebook.