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It seems the script commands are not being permanently made. Additional step for kernel 2. The laptop has a free internal mini pci slot and the wireless was optional. Posted Sep 27, Failed to read scan data: Bellow is a link to a list of wireless cards both old an new that should just work with your laptop and Ubuntu so long as the card is marked Green.

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The driver depended on that stack, and Linux had no comparable alternative at that time. But seems this 0.

This prevented MadWifi from appearing in many Linux distributions. You might probably find this case on a file named “madwifi”.

Then answer “YES” to “Do you want to save? This error was noted running a 2.

Atheros AR wireless with madwifi on Ubuntu (Hardy heron) | Ubuntu Geek

We understand Atheros’ reasons for introducing the HAL and distributing it in binary form only, and we supported it. Hardware … After building and installing madwifi modprobe doesn’t find the modules! There is usually a couple wires connected that function as the antenna. Unfortunately, MadWiFi currently does no auto-detect this, so it needs to be set up manually. All Atheros hardware has the capability to host at least two antennae.


Whenever running iwconfig or any wireless utilities to set it up it compiled and loaded athedos otherwise. Download in other formats: And I would say, the larger the number of free distributions, the larger the benefit for us all even alternqte those who don’t use them.

All laptops have some capability to disable the radio via a RF “kill” switch generally on the front or side: Now type the following commands in the terminal window: For this reason you possibly see more than one of these messages at a time.

Configuring your Atheros Wireless Card

Existing mxdwifi supported hardware was too limited for that purpose, so he contacted Atheros to bring support for their hardware to the open source community. Now type the following commands: Kurian posted the following information edited here: Select all rfkill list.

RFB multiband radio found 0x36 ath5k Still, it does not work.

MadWifi developers move to ath5k Posted Sep 27, Not a cheap one. Ignoring them is safe, as long as you don’t get an error message from iwpriv as well. The yet informal MadWifi project was born.


Maybe someone knows who develops this module? The solution I worked out was:. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.

Configuring your Atheros Wireless Card

I checked it with hardware drivers setting and it says I have no closed drivers. If the version number is less that the one in version. This is easy to fix, you need to rebuild your kernel with the latest Wireless extensions bear in mind that new kernel tend to ship with the latest version, so it might be worth just upgrading. A lot of them actually use an architecture that’s been around for 27 years and has never gotten a GCC port: I got wireless working with help from post thanks Cyphrin.