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This is certainly a valid requirement as. The most frequently asked question when buying a new digital security camera is, What resolution does the camera provide? Even dynamic processes or moving specimens can be monitored conveniently by several people in the live image. Cost-conscious scientific documentation The models of our economically priced camera series allow you to acquire images without the time-consuming steps involved with memory cards. Large selection Attractive prices Tailored solutions.

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With a dynamic range of more than 1: Pixel Well Depth typical 94, e – Dark Current 2. Please read the instructions thoroughly More information. D1 Mid Range Axio Observer. Basler runner Line Scan Cameras High-quality line scan technology meets a cost-effective GigE interface Real color support in a compact housing size Shading correction compensates for difficult lighting More information. Are More Pixels Better?

Outstanding image quality for a asiocam variety of requirements in medicine and biology. D1 Entry Axio Observer. Documents related to this Item Brochures 1. TTL output for controlling of external shutters Interface: One stage Peltier cooling Control signals: C-Mount Thread depth for objectives: Russ, Materials Science and Engineering Dept.


Product Information Version 1. Nowadays, image processing is found in a wide range of optical microscopy applications. Documents related to this Item Brochures 1 Special Offer!

Notice of Copyright Copyright Quantitative More information. HDTV and megapixel sensors 6 5. You made the right decision in choosing.

Microscopy & Imaging

Pixel data metadata Getting the data into the file: Axicam MRc produces excellent quality digital images for report generation or for subsequent quantification, eg. This item may show slight traces of use. This equipment has been tested and found More information.

They can also be used for the monitoring More information. The Moticams are known around the globe for their easeofuse. Please read the instructions thoroughly.

The Moticams are known around the globe for their easeofuse More information.

Bartels & Stout, Inc.

Using our highest-performance camera you can for instance analyze processes in the fields of pathology and developmental biology. H x V Binning x axioxam Color x 4×4 Mono x 3×3 Color x 2×2 Mono x Single shot Color x Single shot, interpolated Color Live frame rates depending on hardware and software configuration: With the AxioCam ERc 5s you are perfectly equipped for wide-ranging areas of application.

Low-intensity fluorescences, living organisms and the finest color graduations— the image quality of the AxioCam MR clearly exceeds that of other monochrome and color CCD cameras. Encoders for Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry Technical Information Encoders zxiocam Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry The semiconductor industry and automation technology increasingly require aixocam precise and faster machines in order to satisfy More information.


Computer hardware, operating system and application software may influence the frame rates.

The monochrome AxioCam MRm uses peltier cooling to ensure a low noise and high dynamic range. Control the complete image acquisition via this megabit high speed connection and process the images instantly on your computer. They considerably expand the possible applications axiocak this camera Complete color information at every pixel A moving sensor evaluates every detail in the red, green and blue channels.

For applications in fluorescence microscopy, we recommend the AxioCam MRm monochrome variant sxiocam for maximum resolution without color interpolation and without a light-reducing filter mask.