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In the Properties dialog box, select the Details tab. For example, there are three types of problems that you may encounter when using a USB to RS adapter: Click the Advanced… button. Shopping Cart No items added. To handle the packets and move data in and out of the program accessing the USB device, a software driver is needed. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0. Data practically flowed directly to and from the software that was accessing the serial port.

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You have no items in your shopping cart. View all articles by this author. Because off-brand chips with poor drivers are unreliable, Campbell Scientific recommends and currently sells a cable using an FTDI chip part number If so, you are not alone.

DeLOCK USB to Serial TTL cable – Auvidea

Data is wrapped up and transferred in packets. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0. Driver The most common problem that our customers encounter with a USB to RS adapter is getting the proper driver installed. It also puts your mind at ease, letting you lock apps and set usage times. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plain Mouse Pad To do this, you can use the Latency Timer field, which is accessed through the Windows Device Manager. Performance As mentioned previously, USB uses a shared data bus with packetized communication.

The software driver sits between the hardware and the computer program you are using, and it must be installed and working correctly. If the driver for your adapter is not automatically installed or cannot be installed from a CD, you will need to identify the chip in your cable and locate the driver on the Internet.


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To disable the Selective Suspend option, clear the checkbox for the Enable Selective Suspend field on the Advanced Settings window for your device. As mentioned previously, USB uses a shared data bus with packetized communication. Please log in or register to comment.

The driver for FTDI chips allows you to lower the latency time on packets. These IDs respectively indicate the manufacturer and the model number of the chip.

From the Windows Device Manager, right-click your device from the list. In addition to lowering your latency time, I also recommend seriak the Selective Suspend option for your cable.

DELOCK USB To Serial Adapter – –

The older cables were silver in color and did not have a driver available for Windows beyond version 7. In the Properties dialog box, select the Details tab. He directs a group of talented, experienced technical support engineers. Inthe Universal Serial Bus USB standard was introduced as a replacement for the serial connector and other connector types that were typically found on the back of computers.

Although there are two primary companies that manufacture USB to RS adapter chips, there are many cable manufacturers who offer varying levels of cable quality. In the old days of personal computers, one of the primary connections available was the RS serial port.


Delock Adapter USB 2.0 Type-A > 1 x Serial DB9 RS-232

Subscribe to the Blog Set up your preferences for receiving email notifications when new blog articles are posted that match your areas of interest. In the Advanced Settings window, navigate to the Latency Timer field, and reduce the setting ub 1 for best performance.

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Delock Adapter USB 2.0 > 1 x Serial

TV and tablet become one Switch your viewing perspective in a flash. Do you like nopCommerce? In the Windows Device Manager, right-click your device from the list. Driver issues Hardware issues Performance issues Issue 1: Apart from the parallel port, it was the primary means to connect an external device.