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Hopefully we can help you narrow it down. Sucks when you have a perfectly operable device. I work with reaper and pro tools and I would say this is a bug in reaper. Digi Rack not connecting. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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Still 0003 working in Cubase tho! If you’ve had connection problems with that computer before you may have some other issues I find that if the connection from Digi to Reaper is lost, I have to install the rack update pt9 which includes version v9.

It just feels like it’s struggling with these drivers.


Nevertheless, seems to work! Originally Posted by mj23 Steve – When I go to the dropdown for input and output, nothing shows up. Digi Rack not connecting.

Send a private message to Asil.

It could be a hardware issue ie: There is a wrapper either way and Im still not sure which would be better. Find More Posts by Steve I’m assuming the FW is correct since that is the firewire connection.


Still the same issue – when I go to the input and output parameters, there is nothing there. Sucks when you have a perfectly operable device. Have you checked that the is working with with protools yet? Must be something simple I’m missing, but I’m lost.

Digi ASIO drivers don’t show up in Reaper 64bit. 32bit version works fine. : Reaper

I’m still in testing. One key is not to power on the digi rack until the computer is fully booted.

So the computer sees the device and shows it as ready, but the software doesn’t. This is day 6 with Reaper.

Now I’m on to figuring out a good drum plug in to use Sharing freely streamed music and tutorials is encouraged. Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems I found a thread where someone was commenting how they got some other software working with digi rack by downloading the pro tools version 9 updates, even though they didn’t have that version and don’t use PT.


I have since done a few reboots to make sure I could reconnect and it sometimes does. Want to add to the discussion? Let me know if this helps or not Otherwise you might be stuck with the bit version.

Digi and Drivers

I tried installing the asio4all drivers, but they show “not connected” in the input output dropdowns. Then to make sure that the device is seen and is working before starting up Reaper. Last edited by mj23; at My goal is to have max memory availability.

Anyone had to deal with this before? Find More Posts by mj I’m wondering if my old Pro Tools and Digidesign files are causing conflicts.

I’ll keep you posted on any discoveries if I have any.