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Man – if this takes days again.. I have Universal Control 1. The Air Force won’t let me have a suit with a zipper Please log in or register to answer this question. I have been working with PreSonus tech support but they have gone quiet on me. Switching to the “Legacy” FireWire driver in Windows 7. Another audio interface running on an XP system has worked for me well, without ever failing, for many years.

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The firestudio mobile loses sound right after booting the computer. I have a FireStudio that I cannot get working with my Windows 7 bit desktop, and I am getting desperate. Try these 2 things first – Replace the cable with a new one, we’ve seen sometimes where the cables go bad, yes they go bad.

In the Device Manager, there is a “PreSonus FireStudio” under “Sound, video and game controllers”; this file is shown as “working properly” and shows as updated, but, again, Universal Control does not detect any such device.

After the lengthy ritual of getting the unit to work, every day, it does indeed work well.

I am considering smashing up the presonus firestudio mobile with a sledgehammer. Once again, the drivers are all updated and installed correctly, and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling properly, per your website’s instructions a number of times. Presonus chose the right pic for the forum picture. House of Worship Where y’at? Okay I did all that but Im still getting this message device driver software was not successfully installed.


Unfortunately the Firestudio has reached the end of it’s service life as no more parts are available to fix those units.

FireStudio won’t work with Win 7, have tried everything

I have lost a lot of time and am no longer popular with people who rely on me. Finally I have re-installed Windows to be sure I’m working with a fresh system. I seem to have to relearn that every time anywa, it was up, universal control was working. Central New Jersey Offline. This was 7 month ago. As a honest person, I would not sell it to get rid of it.

Man – if this takes days again. I have been working firestudi PreSonus tech support but they have gone quiet on me. Bought another computer with another MB from another computer supplier.

Presonus technical staff could not help. I have just bought the Fire mobile and installed the driver on the disc. I bought this FireStudio from a friend, firestudioo I don’t have any CD’s or miscellaneous hardware if necessary.


There’s a possibiilty that since your firewire is built into the motherboard it may be conflicting with some other device. winfows

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The Air Force won’t let me have a suit with a zipper See that guy at the computer? Sais the application installed incorrectly, reboot blah blah. I hooked it up.

I unplugged firewire cable, turned off presonus, shutdown computer, powered computer up, connected firewire, turned on presonus. No IRQ conflict for both, the onboard firewire or the adaptor card.

I have followed the instructions here to connect it to my XP machine and do a firmware upgrade to ensure the FireStudio has the latest: After losing sound again, pulling out the firewire fjrestudio and plugging it back again, all works well for the rest of the day.

Im going to be very angry.

FireStudio won’t work with Win 7, have tried everything. This is my third firewire card.