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I will say that irons are still in play until October for me so the way I see it, they held up beautifully. That is crazy to me. That’s pretty much my sentiment. Already have an account? By saevel25 , Wednesday at I have never played their woods, so I can’t comment, however my buddy plays a verve and is every bit longer than I am. He’s been in need of a gap wedge, he loved the ability to customize it.

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Those issues aside, I think the performance was more than satisfactory.

I’ve had great experiences with them. Sorry if I’m stealing the thread, but I pretty much have the same question as you, OP.

As a lefty I never get the chance to hit the fancy clubs and would love to see if they make a difference higagolf my game. Ever see the guy with old clubs, but new grips? Two thumbs way up. There’s nothing wrong with recommending them along with practice.

Anyone have experience using GigaGolf clubs? : golf

The reviews on their site make me think that they’re too good to be true. I’ve gigagolg some great things about Giga this past week. Like I said though, if you don’t like, send it back. Its hard to say how they performed I bought a set of Gigagolf clubs this winter. You will be banned without warning for any homophobic or racist dialogue, inciting violence, or witch hunting behavior.


They were great to deal with. I don’t think a shaft being made for Nike versus the standard aftermarket one is inherently a bad thing per se.

BaldTexan 63 years old. On the course, this is it of the most stable drivers we have tested. Buy used OEM from 4 years ago for next to nothing and have a respectable bag.

Both of these drivers are similarly priced at the moment so I’m unsure of what sort of decision I should make. There were quite a few, but they seem to do a horrible job of advertising them.

Ozzy Z4 Ti Driver

Originally Posted by McMatt. That’s a legitimate con for a club? The main gigagoolf to the clones is price, take that out of the equation, and I would take the name brand item every time.

Got a photo you took on your phone of a swing with a mad crazy shaft flex? This thread is days old.

GigaGolf Promo Codes January 2019

Bought my set over the winter and have nothing but good things to say. In 1 of my bags right now. They took me to a 6hdcp. Knowledge is power dude.



Nike machspeed black driver 60 bucks. Would definitely recommend buying a set and trying them out. I’m looking gigaholf some quality irons that are relatively forgiving in contact.

The most important aspect of the custom club fitting process for irons and wedges is the lie adjustment. Why is choosing the correct grip type and size so important? Chapity, DDec, how’s the quality of their clubs?