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Bios,CPU suport Type could be referenced on official website. Don’t ask me how Minx. Jul 26, Posts: Acrobat Reader 5 Adobe Acrobat. Any ideas how I can fix this? Velvet G Ars Praefectus Tribus: My board is only about 2 weeks old.

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Do not update the BIOS if the system is running fine. Fixed FDD has problem in Windows Install your video card drivers first.

IDE Drivers for K7S5A

That link is incorrect. Looks like I was using a 66 and a 33 drive on the same IDE line and it didn’t like it. The manufacturer is not responsible for any. My k7x5a is only about 2 weeks old. What is the layout of your IDE devices on the channels?

If not, boot off a 98 boot disk with cdrom support and copy the files local. AMD Opteron 2. Feb 1, Posts: However, strangely Windows System info also gives me problems It says: Don’t ask me how Minx. I figure the PIO mode and these errors may be related. ECS motherboard really suprised me with value as well as quality. Find solutions to your k7s5a motherboard manual pdf question.


I used k7s5s install software that came with the board, but it doesn’t give you the option of installing IDE if IDE is already installed which it has to be so far as I can tell in order to load into windows.

The voice part of the modem wanted a special driver Everything seemed fine for the first week or so.

K7S5A Pro driver, test. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I was a bit careless with a few days prior and probably messed something up inadvertently. It occasionally pauses, preventing me from using the system, as if it’s waiting for something.

Primary IDE for K7S5A

Seemed to boost my benchmarks a little bit and now I have a control panel that tells me what mode all my IDE devices are set to. Remove the sis ide drivers and just use the default MS windows ones. Fixed the standby selection of start menu becomes to be inactive action after installing Windows XP 3. XP was acting up. Hola,el problema al parecer de los drivers ya que formatee e instalen windows xp y ya no hay nada se sonodo ni siquiera lo marca dice test. Joined Oct Location Edinburgh Posts What drivers should I install for Windows XP?


Jul 26, Posts: Adjust timing for stability and compatibility.

Fixed Duron Morgan 1. For some reason, though the Bios Is recognizing the second hard drive that I have in the case, when windows loads it doesn’t assign it a drive and so long as I have that slave drive on in the Bios it throws the other drive in to Dos compatibility mode in Windows.

Reduced performance may result.