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If it is teeed up too low, you will hit the ball two high because of spin. Top tip – If you find this height is still too high, tee the golf ball up slightly lower than suggested. Using long clubs such as a driver or a fairway wood command that you use a flatter swing, in contrast to a very steep one. It lets me know i’m making a flat swing. So here, I have a question: When you get back home, use the ‘winning’ tee as a guide to mark up a bunch of other tees in your bag with a line at the appropriate tee height.

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Do be careful not to lean back too much at impact. This is a simple but effective way to add consistency to your tee height before every swing of the driver.

Getting mad won’t make the problem any better, so take a deep breath and think through your swing logically until you deciding what it causing the ball to fly straight up into the air. Think of your right knee in the backswing as starting a chain reaction.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

BrandonG2 35 years old. Scholls foot powder on the face. This will be high enough to strike the ball cleanly, however not too high to get under the golf ball too much. By saevel25Wednesday at After all, you will tee the ball up highest when hitting a driver shot, meaning there is more room for the club head to slide under the ball.

When you get back home, use the ‘winning’ tee as a guide to mark up a bunch of other tees in your bag with a line at the appropriate tee height. Even if you don’t realize it currently, the timing of your swing is something that you have gotten used to over the years.


Take a picture and post it. By iacasAugust 30, in Welcome, Everyone. Indeed, those conditions allow for the club to travel underneath the ball and produce sky shots. Instead, give your club to the friend who is going to help you.

After going through your pre-shot routine, you step up to the ball and take one last deep breath. Well this tip will help cure your problem shot and will help you understand why you sky your driver shots. With such a small margin of error available syking you, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you sky a few drives from time to time.

Following are three common causes of skying the driver off the tee —. This also leaves a scratch mark on the crown of your driver or wood.

What I have been doing lately is just flattening out as I reach the top and swing back down on the more inside plane from the top. I’ve come to the conclusion I skyiing do a one plane swing effectively like the pros.

Why Do I Keep Skying The Golf Ball?

By having tees with a line drawn on them, you will never have to guess how far to push the tee into the ground — just push down until the line matches up with the top of the turf, and you will be all set. To get a flatter swing stand just a bit further from the ball, change your spine angle or actively flatten out the plane on the backswing. Many pros tee it very low fi. Don’t forget to consider the loft of the driver, the flex of the shaft, and the ball. The last issue on the list that is known to cause pop up drives is a lack of lower body motion in the downswing.


I am sure you are breaking tees becuase you are hitting it with a downward strike.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

Outside of the teeing ground sky shots also occur frequently in the rough, especially when the conditions allow for fluffy lie conditions. It is natural to tee it lower to want a lower ball flight, but if you don’t hit the ball at the bottom or the way skyihg, the effect will be oposite. Lastly, any chance the ball is too far forward in your stance? Next, make a pretend golf swing without a club while your friend holds the club against the outside of your right knee.

Even though the ball is long gone by the time you reach the finish, that position will tell you a lot about the success or failure skyinb your golf swing. Otherwise, if the ball is correctly positioned forward in your stance and you are still hitting down on the ball, your swing might be too steep.

In connection to the ball sitting up in the rough situation presented above, failing to keep your upper body angle constant throughout the swing can lead to sky shots.

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