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At this point I give up and go to the pub. July 19, at 3: The eureka moment is when I work out that you can define Raven indexes as raw LINQ code – they’re not even embedded strings, they’re actually strongly-typed, compiled Linq expressions that are passed in to the query definition. I get as far as this: Server 5 result s. Blocked by a proxy or firewall?

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The zipped copy there is the same as on the page. On my machine that looks like this:.

RavenDB Useful Tools

I get as far as this:. This driver was written by Mindscape and requires LightSpeed 3.

RonnieOverby I just tried the latest driver and I’m getting this exception: So, last week, a request comes rraven for a straightforward one-off report. It acts as the connection manager and als Connection string – may be used while configuring Client API. Email Required, but never shown.


Client API 12 result s. This morning, I go back to it and notice the little “i” icon next to the Query header, and see this Nor could I find any other copy of it at any other obvious looking Ljnqpad project….

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Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any. You are ready to create the all-important DataContext object and then to use that to query the database and to populate instances of your class. Warning Gathering replication topology data may be Views and Stored Procedures.

Everyone please let me know of any ideas to make it better. This driver does not alter your machine configuration or GAC. No one should be using Northwind these days…. You need initial traffic only. Newer Post Older Post Home. Posted linapad Dylan Beattie at How to get it? So I tried this: Net Connection object that is initialized with the connection string that you supply in the constructor.


Not using Hotjar yet? So I paste in a simple query and hit “Execute”:. The number of documents to import before new connection will be opened.

LINQPad Data Context Drivers

Click here for more information on the official driver, and here for information on the alternative drivers. Dump ; And now I’m back to this exception: July 19, at 3: The name ‘Session’ does not exist in the current context After giving up on that, I tried creating my own program in LinqPad.

DevForce extends the Entity Framework with n-tier architecture and non-relational data sources, taking care of all the n-tier WCF communications, serialization, and marshaling.