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Thanks for the info – I bought one of these adapters before I saw all the “it doesn’t work” posts May 19th, , If you can’t get it working in Linux there may be a hardware problem. I am surprised the scsi-to-usb worked at all. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Click “Install from a specific location”

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Attaching SCSI drive through USB – Super User

Last edited by MrCreosote; February 16th, at We will do everything we can to repair or replace the item. I can give more info about that The same proprietary and copyright notices must be affixed to any permitted copies as were affixed to the original. The driver used zcsi Windows’ own USB mass storage driver.

Page 12 SCSI chain. If possible, include photos or video to assist in understanding the problem.

Originally Posted by jeff1. April 5th, Another benefit of preparing a disk image prior to writing to the target SCSI drive is that you can run a disk optimiser like ReOrg on the partitions.


SCSI USB Adapter | eBay

Inside that environment you can run software that works with XP but not with Windows 7. Make Minolta scanner work with Windows 7 – the Scan Multi works!! The Belkin converter would have come with one of those when new. How did you try installing it?

Whether you are seeking to salvage your old hard drive, connect an older model printer or scanner to your fancy new desktop PC, or simply need to find an extension cable, with a vast inventory of electronic cables, connectors, wires, and accessories, including an SCSI USB adaptor, you are sure to find what you need on eBay. The converter uses that for its power supply. I had to do a VirtualBox machine running windows xp microtecb there was nothing for windows 7 but I will try to see if I can get it to work anyway.

DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system.

SCSI USB Adapter

USB not working on older machine Win. Since I don’t have any drivers loaded, I don’t see how the drive could be recognized. July 5th, And also noted that one may or may not be able to chain SCSI devices of a certain type on this adapter – that only once device can be connected. Bus Device Best cameras and lenses Apr 17, 2: The best camera bargains of Posted on Apr 18, 4: There were two models.


Apr 18, 9: So, where can one find the driver for Windows ? Apr 17, 9: Skip to the 3: Submit a News Tip! Glad this was able to help! It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. The last device in the SCSI chain must be terminated.