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Using 4- or 6-Channel Audio Function Appendix: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Chipset A collection of integrated chips designed to perform one or more related functions. Click Default to restore the default values. Hardware Setup Front Panel Connectors: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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This helps you to prevent the CPU overheat- ing problem. You need to select the MPS ver- sion supported by your operating system.

Please follow the special tech issue, http: You can barely see the golden finger if the module is properly inserted in the socket. Hold the CPU down firmly, Lever and then close the lever to complete the installation. Even though my fingers are small, every time I utlra2-c the AGP card I’d nudge it a bit which is very nerve racking.

MSI KT3 Ultra2-C MS-6593 User Manual

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. It was a good layout then, and it still is now. Glossary ECC Memory Error Correcting Code Memory A type of memory that contains special circuitry for testing the jltra2-c of data and correcting the errors on the fly. Enter text from picture: Select 4x only if your AGP card supports it.



If the mechanism senses an abnormal temperature rise, it will automatically shut down the system and the CPU temperature will then drop down and resume normal. If the Center and Ulrra2-c speaker exchange their audio chan- nels when you play video or music on the computer, a converter may be required to exchange center and subwoofer audio signals.

The socket is 51mm across, and 62mm from top to bottom. Click here and the pull- down menu will appear Click the Speaker Configuration tab.

The utility is just like your PC doctor that can de- tect the following PC hardware status during real time operation: You may need to run the Setup program when: Select the multi-channel operation you prefer from No. Page 55 Disabled Disable this sequence.

MSI KT3 Ultra2-C – Motherboard – ATX – KT – Socket A – UDMA – 6-channel audio at Backoffice

For example, a modem chipset contains all the primary circuits for transmitting and receiv- ing data; Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. This setting determines whether the activity of P.

As processor technology pushes to faster speeds and higher performance, ther- mal management becomes increasingly crucial when building computer systems. We wish more mainboards would be designed in a friendly way towards larger heatsinks.


Please make sure the BIOS timings are configured properly for the processor speed. Ot3 feature only protects the boot sector, not the whole hard disk.

Disabled Disable this sequence. As we can see, MSI has graciously cleared the area next mdi the CPU socket of capacitors and other things that could get in the way in installing larger heatsinks on those spicy AthlonXP processors.

MSI KT3 Ultra2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT333 Series

Overheating will seriously damage the CPU and system, al- ways make sure the cooling fan can work properly to protect the CPU from overheating.

You can clear CMOS by shorting pin while the system is off.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Hardware Setup Front Panel Connectors: Upon boot-up, the 1st line appearing after the memory count is the BIOS version. Hardware Setup Serial Port Connectors: Always consult the vendors for proper CPU cooling fan.

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